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IBM Employees Want Their CEO to Resist Trump

About 1,300 self-identified IBM employees sign onto a petition criticizing CEO’s open letter to the president.


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Watson Made a Movie Trailer, Paving the Way for Police-Worn Body Cameras

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Even IBM's Watson Is Getting Into 'Pokémon Go'

Players must have Watson's visual recognition API with Watson's Internet of Things platform installed for it to work.


The Next Trick for IBM's Watson? Composing Music

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The Exciting and Terrifying Future of DNA Editing

Siddhartha Mukherjee's new book, 'The Gene,' delivers a sweeping history of genetics­­­—from the cockamamie ideas that preceded the birth of the field to a striking picture of what the future holds.


Digital Assistants Get Women's Names—Unless They're 'Lawyers'

Siri will get your coffee, Ross will be your lawyer.