Wax Idols


After Wax Idols, Hether Fortune Is Better Off Alone

Having abruptly disbanded her primary creative outlet for nearly a decade, the songwriter is now working by herself, at her own pace.


Stream Wax Idols' Sinister and Unsettling New Album 'Happy Ending'

The band's new record is drenched in layers of post-punk, goth rock, and new wave—and boy oh boy does it kick ass.


Wax Idols's New Video for "Deborah" Is a Riot of Purple Light

The icy cool West Coast goths are also preparing to hit the road with Thursday, Touché Amoré, Pop1280, and more


This Is Why Wax Idols and King Woman Dropped Off Their Tour with Pentagram

Wax Idols' Hether Fortune and King Woman's Kristina Esfandiari explain the harassment they allegedly endured, and Pentagram issues a statement.


Slutist's Legacy of the Witch Fest was a NSFW Celebration of the Feminine and the Divine

Members of Wax Idols, Sabbath Assembly, and Void Vision reflect on a bloody, glittering evening of burlesque, witchcraft, and female empowerment.


Let There Be Gloom: Wax Idols and King Woman are Touring Together This May

Catch them on a Noisey-sponsored tour across the continental USA in May/June 2016.


Diss Tracks, Depression, and Divorce: An Interview with Hether Fortune of Wax Idols

Male privileged cis-bros, beware. This one's for you.


Hether Fortune on leaving White Lung, Dealing with Her Demons, and the Third Wax Idols LP

The singer's been dealing with divorce and conquering waves of mania and panic—all of which provided fuel for her music.


Why are Indie Bands Dressing like Goths from 1980-something?

Like Linda in 'The Evil Dead,' goth is back from the 80s and influencing a whole new wave of bands to get overzealous with the eyeliner and wear black all the time. And not just because it's slimming: darkness is a way of life, you guys.


Watch Wax Idols' New Video, "The Scent of Love"

Touching on the devious, the esoteric, and the I'm-afraid-but-also-kind-of-turned-on-right-now.


Premiere: Wax Idols - "When it Happens" (Official Video)

They melted our wax faces off with this live performance.


We Talked to Wax Idols at Treefort Festival and Epitomized Everything That They Hate

Wax Idols don't like bad music journalists. Wax Idols don't like unprofessionalism. Wax Idols don't like doing interviews twice. These are all lessons I learned the other night when I interviewed them at Treefort Music Festival, and barely remembered the