Waypoint 101


Slicing, Dicing, and Revisiting the Complex World of 'Mark of the Ninja'

In Waypoint 101, we dive deep into the cutthroat world of Klei's stealth-platformer.


We're Ending a Year of Waypoint 101s with 'Mark of the Ninja'

Join us for in returning to Klei's 2012 stealth-action-platformer. And remember: Stick to the shadows.


Mexico, Family, And That Memorable Epilogue—We've Finished 'Red Dead'

Waypoint 101's two-part look at 'Red Dead Redemption' draws to a close, and we spend two hours putting together out final thoughts.


It's Hard to Go Back to the Old West in 'Red Dead Redemption'

The Waypoint Crew contends with Rockstar's cowboy epic on the eve of 'Red Dead Redemption 2.'


The Cyberpunk Stylings of 'Shadowrun: Dragonfall'

The gang finds unexpected humanity in a world of techno-magic, conspiracy, and mercenary misadventure.


When a Game Just Feels Like Home

The homes and communities that help ground you in a new setting.


It's Time to Revisit 'Shadowrun: Dragonfall'

The cyberpunk-fantasy tactical RPG from the makers of 'Battletech' isn't only great, it's also the next game in our Waypoint 101 series.


We Dig Through the Post-Apocalyptic Politics of 'Mad Max'

On this Waypoint 101, we look deep into the furious world of 'Mad Max.'


'Mad Max' Is the Waypoint 101 Game for May 2018

It could never live up to 'Fury Road,' but what can we learn from it in retrospect?


We Played a Fortnight of 'Fortnite,' Here's What We Think

On the latest Waypoint 101 podcast, we discuss all things 'Fortnite' after a period of intensive study.


Getting Lost in the Subway at the End of the World

We talked about Metro 2033 on Waypoint 101, and it's still not the worst public transit experience we had this year.


Going Down to the Depths of 'Metro 2033' for This Month's Waypoint 101

Revisiting 4A's post-apocalyptic journey through the subway tunnels of Moscow.