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These Games Didn’t Make My Top Ten, But They Were Great

I played a lot of Game Of The Year contenders in 2016. These titles all earn honorable mentions.


Waypoint High Says An Arty Goodbye to the Class of 2016

Here's to the art, articles and fanfiction we collected to celebrate the year that was 2016.


The Witness is the Worst Teacher's Pet

'The Witness' is a game with some great ideas, some wonderful puzzle design, and a terrible attitude.


Waypoint High's Saturday Morning Detention

2016's disappointments and hottest messes need to face up to disciplinary action.


Incoming Class: Horizon Zero Dawn Looks to Lead 2017's Action Pack

Aloy joins the incoming class of Waypoint High School—and she's bringing a load of robotic dinosaurs with her.


Games Made Violence Meaningful in 2016

The solution isn't to sanitize games, but give incidents of violence the appropriate weight. Several games got that balance right this year.


Waypoint High Fanfic: Last Song for Salter and Rhodes

Waypoint High's Junior ROTC Military Ball has more drama than the prom itself.


Waypoint High Fanfic: Overwatch Dogs Save the Prom

Those feisty Dedsec kids from 'Watch Dogs 2' make the 'Overwatch' prom a real night to remember.


AAA Games Weren't Afraid of Getting Political in 2016

Several games this year turned the heads of Waypoint High's most avid political activists.


Dean's List: Patrick Klepek's Favorite Games of 2016

Waypoint High's Top Reporter Patrick Klepek discusses his favorite games of 2016.


Waypoint High Fanfic: The Meanest Girls

Victoria, from 'Life is Strange,' was queen bee last year. Now Emily Kaldwin and Widowmaker are at the top of the hive.


Waypoint High School Fanfic: The ARG that Stumped Detective Pikachu

Waypoint High's best detectives, hackers, and code-breakers are on the ARG case.