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People Tell Us the Opinions They'd Never Share with Their Friends

It’s trendy to be a contrarian on social media. Here are some thoughts nobody is brave enough to tweet.
Mica Lemiski
In The Queue

Male Justin Timberlake Fans, Are You Also Men of the Woods?

We asked a bunch of guys in the line for a Timberlake gig about the most manly things they've ever done.
Rosie Hewitson

Guys Tell Us About Their Struggles with Toxic Masculinity

“If I was ever upset around my dad there was no way he was going to let me openly cry about something.”
Laura Bell
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Six Musicians Told Us How They Avoid Feeling Like Shit on Long Tours

Regular people who drink/smoke/party like you're on tour, take note.
Ryan Brown
Parental Advisory

This Is How Parents Around The World Get Their Babies to Sleep

From rain apps to fennel seeds, these parents have tried everything to get their infants to go the hell to sleep.
Caroline Shannon-Karasik
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We Asked People Why They Avoid the Doctor

"I’d rather take some NyQuil and be done with it.”
Nick Keppler

Doctors Don’t Always Believe You When You’re a Black Woman

Six black women tell us how they had to advocate for themselves in the doctor's office.
Joanne Spataro
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5 Women Explain Why They Chose Not to Breastfeed

"It was so painful—I asked them to double check that she wasn't born with teeth."
Caroline Shannon-Karasik
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Therapists Told Us What it's Like to Lose a Patient to an Overdose

During the drive to his funeral, I asked myself over and over again: What did I miss?
Caroline Shannon-Karasik
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This Is What it's Like to Be Pregnant After an Eating Disorder

I had spent more than 17 years trying to not gain weight, so pregnancy was the scariest time in my life.
Caroline Shannon-Karasik
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Med Students at Black Colleges on How to Fix Healthcare for People of Color

Many of them have experienced the challenges themselves.
Ryan Brown
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You Never Forget the First Time You Cut Someone Open

Surgeons tell us what it was like to use a scalpel on a living, breathing human.
Milly McMahon