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We Made a Chef Review Snoop Dogg's New Cookbook Recipes

Gabriel Pryce, of London's American-style comfort food spot Rita's, weighs up some of the recipes Snoop has to offer.
Daisy Meager
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We Asked a Filmmaker to Rank the MTV VMA ‘Best Editing’ Nominees

Objectively speaking, does the Weeknd tell a smoother visual story than, say, Chainsmokers?
Maddy Smith
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The Science Behind Why Music Sounds So Good on Drugs

We investigate what happens in our brains to make MDMA and house, speed and punk, or hip-hop and lean go so well together.
Daisy Jones
Deep Ass Questions

This Is Why You're a Bad Drummer

PMS clumsiness is either a thing or leftover from the days when science tried to justify treating women like freaks for menstruating.
Lara Williams
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Why Exactly Are We So Obsessed With Songs About Heartbreak?

We spoke to a bunch of experts about why we like to scream Cher's "Believe" in the aftermath of a break-up.
Sammy Maine
Ask A Lawyer

Can Brands Really Make Artists Change Their Names?

Burberry's suit against Burberry Perry is the latest in a long history of brands and artists clashing over trademark infringement.
Jessica Meiselman
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We Asked a Smart Person How You Can Not Be an Idiot and Help Save the Environment at Music Festivals

Happy Earth Day!
Andrea Domanick
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We Asked a Linguist Why Alex Turner Now Sounds Like an Old Cowboy

Alex Turner's voice now sounds like Sean Bean doing a Bill Clinton impression at gun point first thing in the morning. We wanted to know why.
Dan Wilkinson
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We Asked an Expert If Shoegaze Is Really Making a Comeback

Don’t throw away your reverb pedals and Moose records just yet.
Ash Beks
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I Asked a Doctor Why I Got Goosebumps While Watching the Buzzcocks

Why did my skin pucker-up like a plucked bird all weekend?
Josh Gardiner
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Blink-182 Is Officially More Punk Than Crass, According to Spotify Study

We talked to the man who crunched the data on thousands of punk playlists to find what users define as punk. (Hint: Blink-182 is the second most punk band.)
Luke O'Neil
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A Film Critic Reviews Chris Brown’s Music Videos from ‘Royalty’

What does it all mean?
Adam Nayman