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We Made Some Scientists Explain Why "Baby Shark" Is Stuck in Your Head

Is there more to an earworm than a snappy hook? We spoke to various clever people in music to understand.
Patrick Heardman
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

We Asked a Cybersecurity Expert if Clinton's Email System Could Have Jeopardized National Security

Hillary Clinton won't face charges over her use of a private email system while serving as secretary of state, but she still took some risks.
Mike Pearl
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

We Asked an Expert What Will Happen to Obama’s Immigration Plans Now

Does the Supreme Court's 4-4 split on the president's executive actions on deportations mean those measures are definitely dead?
Ted Hesson
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

We Asked a Foreign Policy Expert if Trump's Ideas Are As Crazy As Clinton Claims

She wants voters to accept her opponent's insanity as an article of faith.
VICE Staff

We Asked an Expert Why the UK Is so Bad at Prosecuting Stalkers

When harassment crosses over from weird but endearing to creepy, why do laws in the UK seem slow to catch up and protect people?
Tshepo Mokoena
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

We Asked An Expert if Donald Trump Is Right About the Republican Nomination Scam

If Trump expected the voice of the people to guide the direction of a political party, he picked the wrong party.
Mike Pearl

Why Should Anyone Still Care About Hugh Hefner?

He's getting old—turning 90 today—so we asked an expert if Hefner and the Playboy empire are still relevant and influential.
Tshepo Mokoena
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Could an Independent Conservative Candidate Really Compete in the 2016 Election?

Maybe what this election needs is more weirdness.
Mike Pearl
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

Will the Supreme Court Finally Kill Obama's Immigration Reforms?

The justices will once again determine the fate of the president's domestic policy legacy.
Brian McManus

We Asked an Expert If You Can Die from Picking Your Nose

Social stigma aside, can putting your finger up your nose start off a chain of events with fatal consequences?
Mike Pearl

A French Psychoanalyst Talks About Fear, Anxiety, and the Paris Attacks

We asked Hélène L'Heuillet, a prominent French philosopher and psychoanalyst, to help us understand how fear works and how we can control it in light of this weekend's horrific events.
Romain Gonzalez
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

We Asked an Expert What Would Have Happened if Joe Biden Became President

So, Biden decided to not run after all. But what would have happened if he'd won?
Drew Millard