We Tried It


This Is What Happens to Your Body If You Drink 3 Gallons of Water a Day

I know because I tried it.
Grant Stoddard
food for thought

The Carnivore Diet Is the Latest Fad to Ignore That Food Does More Than Just Feed Us

While I lost seven pounds on the meat-only diet, it wasn't worth it for many reasons.
Alan Levinovitz
We Tried It

I Tried CBD Lotion for Sunburn

Move over, aloe.
Rajul Punjabi
The yes man

This Is What Happened to My Body After the First Week of the Keto Diet

So. Much. Butter.
Grant Stoddard
We Tried It

I Fixed My Terrible Sleeping Habits with Science

If a researcher says an orgasm will help, who am I to contest?
Grant Stoddard
We Tried It

Our Wellness Editor Hates Meditation, So We Sent Her To a Mass Meditation

It was like emotional CrossFit.
Rajul Punjabi
We Tried It

Hangover Cures Are a Lie

I got wasted several weekends in a row for the sake of research. You're welcome.
Austin Williams
We Tried It

The Truth About Organic Lubes

I tried a bunch and one was way better than the rest.
Avital Norman Nathman

I Got My Head Tattooed to Make My Hair Look Thicker

I almost looked tough—or capable of carrying out an automotive repair.
Grant Stoddard
The yes man

I Froze My Face to Escape Wrinkles

The cryofacial enabled me to double down my Peter Pan complex.
Grant Stoddard
The yes man

I Tried Man Spanx and My Body Looked Totally Unreal

From every angle, I looked remarkably more aerodynamic, if faintly ridiculous.
Grant Stoddard
We Tried It

I Tried Virtual Reality Breast Implants

Plastic surgeons are recommending this pre-op step.
Catherine Chapman