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I Tried Vagina 'Weight-Lifting' to Work Out and Orgasm at the Same Time

While I was skeptical that vagina vibrating Kegel balls would enhance my orgasms, I wondered if sprucing up my vagina could spruce up my life.
Maria Yagoda

Women's Sex Toys Look Like the Future, Men's are Genitalia in a Tube

"The male sex toy market is quite unsophisticated."
Carrie Weisman
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The Canadian Vibrator Company That Tracked User Data Will Pay $3.75 Million Settlement

Makers of the We-Vibe have also agreed to delete all the sex toy–related personal info they stored without users' consent.
Sarah Berman

What Happened When My Best Friend and I Controlled Each Other's Vibrators

After we heard about the We-Vibe Sync, a couples vibrator that allows you to control another person's orgasm from your phone, we wanted to try it for ourselves. Would it ruin our friendship, or bring us closer together?
Maria Yagoda and Julia Edelman
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A Vibrator Company Is Being Sued for Tracking Your Masturbation Routine

The company is allegedly keeping tabs on whether you're more of a "pulse" or "cha cha cha" person.
Manisha Krishnan

A Sex Toy Lawsuit Highlights Privacy Concerns Around 'Smart' Dildos

The plaintiff claims that the We-Vibe sex toy collected all sorts of data without her knowledge.
Joseph Cox

Cam Girls Are Charging Clients to Control Their Vibrators Over the Internet

It's about getting more intimate with a person you’d likely never be in the same room with (let alone inside of).
Lux Alptraum