Web security


Pornhub Says Hack Was 'Merely a Hoax'

After an investigation, the adult video website couldn’t find any evidence of a data breach.


Hacker Claims to Have Full Control of Pornhub, Offers Access For $1,000

A gray-hat hacker claims he has full control of the adult website’s server.


Teen Dating Site Left Underage Users’ Private Messages Exposed To Anyone

OurTeenNetwork promises “safety” but it was trivially easy for anyone to hack into users accounts and private messages.


A Flaw on eBay’s Site Allowed Hackers To Steal User’s Passwords

A security researcher found a flaw in eBay’s main domain that potentially allowed hackers to harvest credentials.


The 'Web Training Collar' Shocks You When You Visit an Insecure Site

Would you sacrifice physical comfort for the knowledge that your data is secure?


Hackers Could Take Over WordPress Blogs with a Single Comment

A zero-day bug allows anyone to take over your blog, but WordPress is working on a fix.


Heartbleed Tore a Hole In the Internet

Heartbleed has made a large swath of the internet vulnerable in a big way, by eroding the reliability of a widely-used encryption standard.