Australia Today

Instead of Her Vows, a Bride Read Out Her Cheating Fiancé’s Texts

An Australian woman saved her fiancé's smutty texts until she was standing at the altar.
Gavin Butler

Ted Cruz Insisted on Playing 'A Whole New World' at His Wedding

From the CD.
River Donaghey

Inside the Lavish Arranged Marriage of a Powerful Witch Clan

In Romania, one of the world's most powerful witches arranged for her son to marry his witch cousin. Broadly attended the extravagant wedding to capture the rituals and ceremonies that go into planning a traditional occult wedding.
Broadly Staff

Ric Flair Enters His Own Wedding to "Ric Flair Drip"

The former WWE wrestler had a commitment ceremony and did it in the only way he knows how: with a shitload of flair.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Four Skaters Get Hitched on a Special Wedding Edition of 'KING OF THE ROAD'

Love conquers all, even when it's between friends and teammates.
Sarah Bellman
Noisey News

Wrinkled Suits, Slides, and a Tiger, Let's Talk About 2 Chainz's Wedding

2 Chainz upped the ante on the Versace namedrop. He got married in the mansion.
Kristin Corry
Police Shooting

Protesters crashed the wedding of the police officer who shot and killed Stephon Clark

“I just wanted to know if you started planning your wedding before you killed Stephon Clark or after,” a protester asks in the video.
Tess Owen
Internet Exploring

It's Been Three Days and I'm Still Obsessed With PUSHA-T's Wedding

How are you going to top a wedding with Pharrell as your Best Man? I'll wait.
Kristin Corry
money brain

How to Throw a Wedding for Under $5,000

City hall, kegs of wine, and a small guest list can help make your dream wedding affordable.
Melissa Kravitz

Groom Wins Super Bowl Bet with Bride, Gets to Wear Eagles Jersey at Wedding

Jennifer Sullivan was so confident Philly had no chance to beat New England in the Super Bowl that she agreed to let her soon-to-be husband wear an Eagles jersey at the wedding if they pulled it off.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Hey Page Six, Leave Alberta Alone!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's honeymoon plans aren't boring. Here's what they can get up to in Jasper.
Mack Lamoureux
money brain

Stop Spending So Much Money on Your Friends' Weddings

RSVPing “yes" can break your budget—here’s how to save during peak wedding season.
Melissa Kravitz