weed eater

    • 12.30.15

      Is Weed-Infused Hemp Gruel the Key To World Peace?

      As weed becomes legalized, we should take a look at all of the wonderful culinary ways in which it can benefit the Earth's future.

    • 8.4.15

      This Former Weed Grower Now Breeds the World's Hottest Chili Pepper

      Smokin' Ed Currie no longer cultivates or consumes weed, though he does still occasionally get high on his own supply of hot peppers—if you believe severe intestinal distress followed by a major endorphin rush qualifies as a high.

    • 1.28.15

      Deadheads Forever Changed the Way We Eat

      Who popularized the health food store, organics, farm fresh produce, and the grow-your-own movement? Who spread the good word about vegetarianism, veganism, raw food, macrobiotics, and sustainability? Deadheads, that's who.