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I Spent Harvest Time with South Australia's Weed Growers

Unlike most of the country, South Australia has enjoyed decriminalisation since 1987. We hung out with some growers to see what that means for them.


Can Vermont Bring Legal Weed to the Northeast?

As prohibition crumbles in the West, marijuana reform activists are looking to open up a new frontier for the legalization movement.


Congress Is Going to Stop DC from Legalizing Weed

Either that or it's going to create an unregulated legal weed zone in the nation's capital.


How One Republican Could Stop DC From Legalizing Weed

Maryland Congressman Andy Harris is on a relentless crusade to stop the nation's capital from getting high.


What’s Next for Legal Weed in Washington, DC?

Will Congress block marijuana legalization in the nation's capital?


Weed Won the Midterms

In a blow to prohibitionists, Oregon and Alaska became the third and fourth states to fully legalize weed Tuesday. Voters in Washington, D.C., also approved a sweeping measure to legalize the drug.


The War on Drug Tests

Marijuana is now legal for recreational use in two states, and for medical use in 23. So why can employers still fire you if you test positive for weed on a drug test?


Stoned Zombie in a Haunted House

I've gotten stoned at work before, but smoking weed and working as a zombie at a haunted house didn't go well together.


The GOP’s Biggest Donor Is Trying to Stop Florida from Legalizing Weed

Las Vegas gambling magnate Sheldon Adelson's $2.5 million donation to defeat medical marijuana is a sign that legalization has become a real Campaign Issue.


Why Stoners Should Want to Implement the New Weed Breathalyzer

So what’s a responsible stoner to do about the looming threat of an accurate field test for stoned driving? Go with it. Make that tiny sacrifice and stop being stoned while driving, and at the same time push for a field test that's even more accurate...