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Don’t Look Like Cheech and Chong at the Border, Government Advises Canadians

What does that even mean?
Manisha Krishnan
2 days ago

Stories of People Getting Too Stoned on Planes

“There was a moment when I didn’t think I was going to survive.”
Anwar Ali

What It’s Like to Be a Big-Time Female Weed Trafficker

"I am Queen C; I am this badass bitch. But I do have this secret."
Manisha Krishnan
Views My Own

New York City's Primitive Weed Market Is Way Behind Toronto's

There are very few dispensaries, and it's expensive as hell.
Manisha Krishnan
Weed Week

We Asked People on 4/20 Where They Got Their Weed

One last 4/20 before the government becomes our drug dealer.
Sierra Bein
Weed Week

Legal Cannabis Could Change 4/20 Forever

Although weed will soon be legal throughout Canada, there’s still lots for cannabis users to protest about.
Damian Abraham

Inside the Shady World of a Canadian Illegal Weed Dispensary Chain

Arrests, moldy weed, Hells Angels, and fat stacks of cash. How one national chain is allegedly exploiting its young workers.
Manisha Krishnan
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The White House Just Promised a New Crackdown on Weed

Apparently Trump's cool with medicinal marijuana, but not the recreational kind.
Lauren Messman

Damian Marley Told Us About the Massive Weed Operation He’s Starting in a Former Prison

Damian Marley, reggae icon and the youngest son of the world's most famous smoker, is partnering with a cannabis company to turn a 77,000-square-foot former prison into a legal grow op. "The statement speaks for itself," he told us.
Julia Alsop
tea time with t. kid

An Edibles Entrepreneur Shares His Weed Industry Secrets

On this episode of our potcast, our host hangs out with Doug Cohen, co-founder of 99th Floor, the "best damn weed dinner series" T. Kid has ever attended.
T. Kid
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Germany Will Make Medicinal Cannabis Legal in 2017

Seriously ill patients will have access to medical marijuana with a doctor's presecription by early 2017.
Carlton Férment

Catch the Season Finales of 'NOISEY' and 'WEEDIQUETTE' Tonight on VICELAND

Tonight on VICELAND, London's MCs show us the cultural movement behind the grime scene on 'NOISEY,' then we see how partial marijuana legalization works in different parts of the world on 'WEEDIQUETTE.'
VICE Staff