Weed Week 2017


Watch Action Bronson Go Grocery Shopping While High AF

"I bought black beans, lemonade, and knives."


I Got High and Chilled with Ants at the Guggenheim on 4/20

Smells alter your state of mind while you gaze at bioartist Anicka Yi's ant- and bacteria-filled installations.


6 GIFs Describe the Moment When You Realize You’re High

These GIFs are the only answer you need for the question, "What did you do last night?"


Wake and Bake with Weed-and-Chai Hot Chocolate

We asked Brian Wallace—an ethnobotanist and founder of Endorfin Chocolate—to show us how to make a third-eye-opening cup of weed hot chocolate, guaranteed to start your day off right.


Banned Pesticides Keep Turning Up in Canada’s Medical Weed

So what happens when it’s legalized?


All of the Best Food Videos to Watch While You're High

All the finest internet weirdness for when you're zoned out on magic brownies.


Marijuana-Induced Anxiety Is Weed Culture's Bigfoot

Ever get the fear when you smoke pot? Scientists are still trying to work out why.


Dank Magic: How Witches Use Weed in Their Craft

Happy 4/20! For millennia, witches have been getting high to access the spirit realm and/or have orgies with the devil.


High on LIFE: These Songs Will Get You Stoned As Fuck, Bro

No need to break the law and smoke weed on this most unholiest of days, friends. Just listen to "Jazz." It's super trippy.


The Dumbest Ideas People Have Had While High, Illustrated

The iPhone and the entire internet were basically made by stoned people. These inventions are not as good as those.


That Time I Accidentally Made Pot Brownies with Ten Times Too Much Weed

"I'm so sorry, I've realized I've missed out a decimal point. You've bought… ten times the amount…"


These Disembodied Arm Sculptures Are Ready to Turn Up

Dallas-based artist Sergio Garcia's anatomical sculptures also point out the absurdity of weed being illegal.