It Looks Like a Tesla Model S Just Exploded in a Chinese Parking Garage

A CCTV video has captured what appears to be a Tesla Model S self-combusting in a Shanghai parking lot.


"Game of Thrones" fans in China missed out on 6 minutes of sex and gore

But — spoiler alert! — they saw the ending before U.S. fans did


Chinese movie star Fan Bingbing reappears after sudden disappearance in July

The X-Men star has topped Forbes’ list of highest-paid celebrities in China for four consecutive years


China's Weibo should have known better than to ban gay content

The network reversed a decision to remove content ”with pornographic implications, promoting bloody violence, or related to homosexuality.”


Three of China's Biggest Bitcoin Exchanges Are Shutting Down

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Photos Show Vendors in China Using 'Sewer Shrimp' to Make Street Food

Wuhan have been selling shrimp balls that are made from the most unsavory of seafood, processed in pretty much the most nauseating way possible.


Never RT (It's Making You Stupid)

Smash that RT if u feel like ruining your cognitive functioning.


Chinese Officials Were Implicated in the Panama Papers, but You Wouldn't Know It in China

China has apparently been blocking search terms and removing online stories that would lead citizens to read about how the relatives of party leaders have been linked to offshore companies.


How Immigrants Get Deported for Saying the Wrong Things on Social Media

Emad El-Sayed, the 24-year-old who's facing deportation after he threatened to kill Donald Trump on Facebook, isn't the first case of social media screwing with immigration status.


A Chinese Woman Dumped Her Boyfriend Because His New Year's Feast Sucked

The food her boyfriend’s parents served her for Chinese New Year just wasn’t up to snuff.


Taiwan Just Elected Its First Female President — And Now She Has to Deal With China

Taiwan's independence-leaning opposition leader Tsai Ing-wen will be thrust into one of Asia's toughest and most dangerous jobs after she takes office.