Weight Loss

This Is What Happens to Your Body When You First Start Working Out

Often referred to as 'newbie gains,' the effect​ is not purely psychological.
Matt Jancer
crazy train

Training with the Strongest Man in Golf

Joe Miller swings a golf club 150mph, hits the ball 225mph, and is the reigning World Long Drive Champion.
VICE Sports

What a German Biker Festival Taught Me About Manhood

At the Jüterbog Motorcycle Jamboree, I saw strongman competitions, bikes, and strippers. I also talked to men about their hopes, dreams, and fears.
Niclas Seydack
Is Nothing Sacred?

Fake Weights Are Helping Instagram Stars Go Viral

The thirst for Likes is real, but the motivation behind it isn't new.
Oliver Lee Bateman
Phys Ed

This Tiny Woman is One of the World's Strongest Humans

Technically, she's 137 percent stronger than The Mountain.
Michael Easter
Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Strength Records Continue to Fall, But How Much Stronger Can Humans Get?

Strongmen like Game of Thrones’ Hafpor Bjornsson have pushed their bodies to the limit, but can other strength athletes go even further?
Oliver Lee Bateman

Highly Motivated Deer Enters, Dominates Gold's Gym in South Carolina

A deer entered through a plate-glass window, bounded around for a couple minutes, and left the way it came. What do we do with a story like this?
David Roth

Why Personal Trainers May Not Be Immune from Automation

"Most of us would rather learn from and work with a robot," claims one fitness expert.
Oliver Lee Bateman

The Rise and Fall of Gerd Bonk, the World Champion of Doping

East German weightlifter Gerd Bonk took the highest documented quantity of anabolic steroids in his quest for a gold medal. He was a victim of the greatest, widest reaching, and most sociopathic scandal in sports history.
Brian Blickenstaff
rising sea level

An Olympic Weightlifter Is Losing His Home to Climate Change

Weightlifter David Katoatau has won the small Pacific nation of Kiribati some of its only athletic honors. With scientists projecting that his country will soon be underwater, he’s trying to capture the world’s attention about climate change.
Andrew Lewis

This Man Says His Protein-Fortified “Fitness Beer” Will Change the World

The Illinois resident and former employee of an insurance company decided to leave everything behind—he says he even turned down Harvard Law School—to bet it all on his undying desire to combine pleasure and pain
Alex Swerdloff
food scandal

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Muscle Supplement Might Pump You Up with Banned Drugs

Amid accusations of counterfeit products and the threat of illegal and possibly lethal ingredients, Arnold Schwarzenegger just had to pull his weightlifting supplement from European shelves.
Alex Swerdloff