Weird Art


This Strange, Subversive Instagram Exposes the Sickness of Social Media

Time2Reflect uses unorthodox catalog and play-doh composites to critique our obsession with social media.


These Bewildering But Beautiful Photos Boggle the Mind

See something strange in the photographic illusions by Derek Paul Boyle and Mitra Saboury.


Waiter, They're Shooting Porn in My Dad's Moustache

The hot new site for miniature dioramas? Dad's upper lip.


This Artist Travels the Country Painting Pictures of Sears Stores

"Once you get the itch to paint Sears, it never goes away."


Perverted Photos of Ronald McDonald

LA-based artist Marina Fini reimagined Ronald McDonald as a hamburger-licking, motel-cruising weirdo in her latest photography project.


Meet the Artist Who's Destroying Animation History

Brooklyn-based artist Wizard Skull makes art that's straight out of your childhood nightmares. Think Pac Man attacking Mickey Mouse, and naked Gargamel.


The Nicolas Cage Art Show Finally Killed the Nicolas Cage Meme

Nicolas Cage has been turned into every GIF imaginable, from the Disney Princesses to Sailor Moon to Miley Cyrus on her wrecking ball. We visited an art show that commemorated them all.


Photographs of Animals Eating Each Other

Photographer Catherine Chalmers' new series 'Food Chain' showcases the circle of life—blood, guts, and all.