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We Talked to a Former Mall Santa About What It Takes to Be a Mall Santa

"Obviously you've gotta love kids and everything. But it was a routine thing that kids would throw up on you and pee on you."


Crime Scene Cleaners Describe How Dealing with Death Every Day Changes You

"You really have to concentrate and have sharp eyes because you don't want to leave a tiny bit of body fat wedged into the tarmac."


This Guy Gets Punched in the Stomach for a Living

Xie Shuiping's life revolves around being smacked in the belly by strangers.


What It's Like Working At a Rage Room

We spoke to the manager of Toronto's first rage room to see how he helps people harness their appetite for destruction.


'I'll Come Back': The Woman Who Spent 32 Years on the High Seas

When Juana García Miniño separated from her husband, divorce was illegal in her native Spain. So she spent the next three decades working on cargo ships and sailing the world.


The Nanny Spy of the Upper East Side

When hidden cameras aren’t enough, Limor Weinstein covertly steps in to watch the nannies watching children.


My Summer of Picturesque Purgatory Working in a National Park

Breathtaking views, friendly foxes, hungry bears, casual sex in communal showers—I saw it all in my months of working at Grand Teton National Park.


Death of the Author: Ghostwriter Maya Sloan Gives Life to Celebs' Stories

Maya Sloan's intensely collaborative writing process defies conventional understandings of ownership, authorship, and the personal brand.


The Strange, Sensitive World of Plastic Surgery Photography

When photographer Mia Berg started working for a plastic surgeon, she learned that before-and-after photos can be about much more than looking good.


What I've Learned Ghostwriting Other People's Texts and Emails

I've written letters to clients' grandmothers, offered replies to late-night sexts, and sent sympathy cards to sick loved ones—all pretending to be someone I'm not.


This Is What It's Like to Be a Bail Bondsman in Las Vegas

"The largest bail we fronted money for was $500,000. It was for a doctor who had a clinic here in Vegas. He was re-using syringes and infecting people with hepatitis C."


What It's Like to Create Fake Medical Crises for a Living

I help train doctors in horrifying life-or-death scenarios using fake patients, fake blood, and fake shit.