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Wells Fargo: You Can’t Sue Because You Should Have Known We Misled You

A new legal argument from the extremely shady bank is basically: "We can't be trusted to tell the actual truth." And it might work.
David Dayen
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Don’t Buy This: Only Suckers Pay ATM Fees

There's really no reason to pay an ATM fee ever again.
Gina Ragusa
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It Might Be Time to Leave Your Big Bank

On today's episode, Allie Conti considers the pros and cons of major institutions like Wells Fargo, and smaller, less popular community banks and credit unions.
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The Big Bank You're Using Is Probably Ripping You Off

Switching to an alternative is easier than you think.
Allie Conti

We Spent a Decade Fighting Our Bank Over $482.08

Eugene and Patricia Kline went into foreclosure and sold their home. Then things got weird.
David Dayen
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We Talked to the Monopoly Man Who Stole the Show at the Equifax Hearing

"I think honestly they kept waiting for me to do something that was going to get me kicked out."
Drew Schwartz

Wells Fargo Is Being Called Out for Racism, Again

The notorious bank is facing law suits for discriminating against blacks and Latinos in Philadelphia.
Timothy Bella

Wells Fargo Is Trying to Bury Another Massive Scandal

The bank became notorious last year for creating fake accounts on behalf of customers. Now it's trying to kill a class-action lawsuit over shady debit card fees.
David Dayen
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No Justice, No Pride Is the Revolutionary Spirit of the Stonewall Riots

The parade blockade at Capital Pride 2017 is the queer revolution we've been waiting for.
Aaron Barksdale
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The VICE Morning Bulletin

Congress votes to gut online privacy, British PM triggers Brexit, Intel chair Nunes says he'll "never" reveal source for surveillance claim, and more.
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How Wells Fargo is taking advantage of a hidden clause inside almost every customer agreement

Roberto Ferdman

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Donald Trump refused to definitively say he will accept the November election result, Tesla will make all its new cars self-driving, support for legalizing marijuana has reached a record high, and more.
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