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Vietnam Has a 'Hangover'-Themed Bar (and a Binge-Drinking Problem)

In roughly 20 years Vietnam went from being one of the poorest countries in the world to a place where drinking until you puke is such a large part of the culture that many bars have "puke sinks" built into them.


Your Favorite Beer Could Be Threatened by California's Drought

More than 90 percent of the state is now classified as being in a "severe drought," which is seriously bad news for the state's breweries, which need a ton of water to make beer.


OK, So I Have a Drinking Problem

I drink until there is nothing left to drink, and then I often drink some more. I can go for days without food in my apartment, but I can't stand the thought of existing in a dry household.


'Drunk Mom' Tells Us What It's Like to Raise a Kid As an Addict

Jowita Bydlowska new memoir "Drunk Mom" chronicles her relapse into alcohol addiction, which coincides with her first year of motherhood. In the unflinchingly honest read, Bydlowska's countless attempts to hide her drinking are countered by her...