werewolf jones


'Secret Acid,' Today's Comic by Simon Hanselmann

When Owl's at frisbee camp Megg and Mogg take acid and painkillers at the same damn time.


'Ants,' Today's Comic by Simon Hanselmann

Where are all these ants coming from? The answer will disgust you!


'Father Knows Best,' Today's Comic by Simon Hanselmann

Here's a comic about a werewolf who shoots heroin into his eyeball in front of his kids. He's not a role model.


'Boston Clanger,' Today's Comic by Simon Hanselmann

To commemorate the release of Simon's new book, 'Amsterdam,' here is a 13-page comic about Werewolf Jones's birthday!


'Spider,' Today's Comic by Simon Hanselmann

Werewolf Jones kills a spider.


Megg, Mogg, and Owl Return in Today's Comic by Simon Hanselmann

After a lengthy hiatus Megg, Mogg, and Owl have returned to VICE.


Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #103

In this week's column, VICE Art Editor Nick Gazin hawks his wares at New York Comic Con, talks up an obscure psychedelic French comic, and asks, "Hey! What about me?"


Wax Strips

Megg, Mogg, and Owl are going to the beach! That should be fun! But it isn't.


Owl Goes to the Gym

Megg and Mogg fool around in the house while Owl's at the gym. It goes terribly.


Owl's Way or Else

Owl kicks Werewolf Jones and his horrible children out of his hotel room while Jones has a meltdown and his kids watch an episode of Adventure Time.


What the Hell Is Werewolf Jones Doing Here?

Owl's attempt at escaping the chaos of his home at a nearby Marriott is a bust. Werewolf Jones is in his room somehow and he brought his children, Jaxon and Diesel.