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Twenty Years Later, Wesley Snipes Says He's Still the Only Guy Who Could Play Blade

This week marks the 20-year anniversary of the first Blade film. We spoke to Wesley Snipes about the franchise's past and potential future.
Justin Caffier

Cuckolding, Roster Construction, October: Watching 'Major League' in 2016

When 'Major League' was released in 1989, Cleveland was only halfway through an epic championship drought. Surprisingly, the movie still feels fresh.
Tom Keiser

Science Fiction Isn’t Just for White Nerds, It’s for Black Nerds Too

Meeting M. Asli Dukan, whose documentary 'Invisible Universe' aims to highlight the important role African Americans have played in modern science fiction.
Charles Olafare
This Week in Racism

Is That Viral Catcalling Video Racist?

The recent viral sensation exposes very real problems with how men treat women, but some pundits are now claiming that the video's racial politics are problematic.
Dave Schilling

What the Fuck Is Going on in 'The Expendables 3'?

The stars of the Expendables franchise are "too old for this shit," and frankly so are we. We're too old to be watching a movie this lame.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete
The Talking Issue

Interview with a Guy Who Puked on Hollywood Stars

"Why did you do this?" "I was in LA, and I just figured why not. It’s all people I have a fairly large problem with." "Is it real puke?" "Yes. I tried to eat different gross combos of food, like for Wesley Snipes, I ate Doritos and milk."
Amy Kellner, Photos by Jamie Taete
VICE Today

The Time Nas Almost Got Into a Fight with Wesley Snipes

Nas tells us about a time when he almost got into a fight with Wesley Snipes over Grace Jones.
Andrew Green