West Coast


The Homelessness Crisis Is Getting So Bad That Cities Are Now Building Their Own Camps

"It’s just to make things more manageable because it’s so bad in the streets."
Emma Ockerman

How All the West Coast Wildfires Could Affect the Taste of Wine

Last year’s wildfires were so bad that many West Coast wineries were forced to dump wine made from the smoky grapes.
Lauren Rothman

Warren G Ain't Trippin, Ain't Mad, and Is Forever Hip-Hop's Unsung Legend

We sit down with the G-funk great to talk his new documentary, the birth of West Coast rap, and his legacy beyond "Regulate."
Torii MacAdams

Nocando's "True Autumn" Is An Impassioned Stream of Consciousness

The LA rapper releases the first track from his forthcoming EP.
Lawrence Burney
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Missing Georgia Teen Was Actually Just Chillin' Out West the Whole Time

Turns out he's also a Sublime fan now, too.
Lauren Messman
Last Call

Life Advice from the Legendary Bartender at California's Best Biker Bar

For our new bartender advice column, we spoke to Bay Area legend Gina Parle ("Jeannie") of the Warehouse Cafe, who taught us why mojitos are pathetic and how to go down on yourself.
Laura Mason
Remembering Things

Dâm-Funk Breaks Down the Freaky Influence of Electro Pioneers Uncle Jamm's Army

Ahead of a new documentary he scored, we join the LA funk scion in his studio to talk about growing up with the game-changing hip-hop crew, attracting women with vinyl, and why funk is like "a smile with a tear."
Torii MacAdams
New music

Here's Some New Shit from OG Big Wy and Earl Swavey

An OG and a YG have just dropped new projects.
Andy Capper

Cuco Is LA’s New Romantic, and He’s Only 18

Go Cuco Pebbles for the Kevin Abstract and Steve Lacey-cosigned singer’s new track “Lo Que Siento.”
Andrea Domanick

Snoop Dogg Shares "Trash Bags," His Strip Club Friendly New Single from 'NEVA LEFT'

The hip-hop legend drops the second single from his 15th studio album, 'NEVA LEFT'.
Noisey Staff
Chinese food

Alan Yang of 'Master of None' Takes On the East Coast vs. West Coast Chinese Food Debate

He also knows where to get the best ma po tofu in Manhattan and the best soup dumplings in Shanghai. Duh.
Charley Lanyon

Hinds and Twin Peaks Are Having a Blast on Tour

Photographer CJ Harvey has been capturing the best moments from the Noisey-sponsored West Coast jaunt.
Noisey Staff