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AJ Tracey's Gone Back to His Grime Roots With "Doing It"

The icy, Swifta Beater-produced track premiered last night at a west London skatepark, where the UK artist announced his debut album.
Ryan Bassil
New music

Hear AJ Tracey on Another Fire Track, This Time with R&B Singer Sloan Evans

Spoiler alert: it's fucking great.
Noisey UK Staff
United Kingdom

Huge fire in London tower block kills at least 17 people

David Gilbert

I Cooked an Entire Dinner of Trump’s Favorite Dishes

I look at the meatloaf, haddock hot dog, and Trump Tower Burger and—much like the American electorate—I can’t quite believe what I’ve done.
Michael Segalov

Westway to the World: At Home with AJ Tracey

Catching up with one of the stars of 2017, as he moves from Drake's inbox to superstardom while keeping his west London roots intact.
Frederick Macpherson

These Mince Pies Might Get You Drunk

The Mince Dodger might sound modern (it’s a take on the Jammie Dodger biscuit, of course) but it actually comes from an 1800s recipe. It also involves a lot of brandy.
Gareth May

Blood, Laughing Gas, and Daggering: Photos of the Chaos at the UK's Notting Hill Carnival

A look inside the West Indian street festival.
Charlie Kwai

Thirty Years of Notting Hill Carnival in Photos

While everyone else was busy drinking rum out of the bottle and looking for a place to take a leak, photographers Norman Craig and Giles Moberly were diligently documenting the party on camera.
Norman Craig, Giles Moberly

Why Notting Hill Carnival Reminds Me of Accidental Pineapple Crumble

Notting Hill Carnival is coming up this weekend and all I can think about is my friend’s accidental pineapple crumble. He ran out of apples so made a crumble out of pineapple and it was delicious. It seems appropriately tropical, too.
Katy B
Notting HIll Carnival

This Guy Gets Londoners to Cover Themselves in Chocolate and Dance in the Street

Inspired by slave rebellion against the French masquerade balls of colonial Trinidad, Edison Braithwaite’s “Dirty Mas” celebration sees hundreds of revellers dance in liquid chocolate.
Michael Segalov
Election '15

Talking Politics with Drunk Yuppies at the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race

Who will stand up for the Oxbridge elite at Election '15?
Vice Beta

I Went to a Posh London Orgy

It was a momentous occasion for fans of PVC, complicated-looking lingerie, and public displays of penetration.
John Lucas, Photos: Jake Lewis