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Bars Can Boot Trump Supporters for Wearing MAGA Hats, Judge Rules

Greg Piatek tried to argue he was discriminated against based on his "closely held spiritual beliefs" for President Trump.
Adam Forrest
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This Guy Claims His MAGA Hat Is Part of His 'Spiritual Beliefs'

Greg Piatek says he was kicked out of a bar for "adhering to his closely held spiritual beliefs by adorning the hat in question."
Drew Schwartz
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Action Bronson Wants to Serve You Chicken Parm in NYC This Afternoon

Action will be in the West Village this afternoon serving sliders, celebrating today's release of 'Blue Chips 7000,' and launching his new clothing line.
Noisey Staff
Leslie's Diary Comics

Leslie Has an Unexpected Night Out in Today's Comic

"You'll pick me up? Pay for everything? Be outside in ten minutes."
Leslie Stein
New York

Chef's Night Out: Jamie Bissonnette of Toro NYC

Jamie Bissonnette of Toro NYC takes us out for a wild night in the city, starting with gin and tonics and devolving into "stuntman shots," with delicious eats along the way.
Jamie Bissonnette
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The THUMP Guide to Clubbing: New York

Where to go when you don't sleep in the city that never sleeps.
New York

This Weekend, We Partied with the Franks and a Bunch of Very Talented Instagrammers

This past Saturday, October 25, we had 28 star photographers of the Instagram world attend our Being Frank: Peru screening party in New York's West Village. And the lighting was as amazing as the food.
Munchies Staff

Life for Homeless Gay and Trans Teens in New York City

Twenty percent of America's homeless youth are gay or trans.
Michael Doherty

Seamus Mullen

Seamus Mullen is a James Beard nominated chef and owner of Tertulia, a Spanish restaurant located in Manhattan’s West Village. We dropped in to pay him a visit, but Seamus was busy breaking down an entire lamb, so we watched him cut up some organs...
VICE Staff