West Virginia


Scientists Discovered the Most Massive Neutron Star Ever

The extremely swole collapsed star is so big that it defies what we know about how big neutron stars can get.
Becky Ferreira
abortion access

“I Am Honestly Scared to Death”: Small Abortion Clinics Are Fighting for Survival Over Trump’s New Abortion Rules

Independent abortion clinics' budgets were slashed after being driven from the only federal program dedicated to family planning.
Carter Sherman

Ona Could Be the Next Great Rock Band

The West Virginia band's adventurous and infectious new album, 'Full Moon, Heavy Light,' takes them to the next level. We're exclusively streaming it here ahead of its Friday release.
Josh Terry
teacher strikes

How “illegal” teacher strikes rescued the American labor movement

Organized labor in the U.S. is having a moment thanks to public school teachers.
Rex Santus

In raging act of defiance, Sen. Joe Manchin delivers jam to Mitch McConnell

McConnell reportedly said he wanted to "crush Manchin like a grape."
Rex Santus

Alabama and West Virginia no longer support the right to an abortion

They're among the states getting ready for a post-Roe future
Carter Sherman

Nick Saban, Jerry West, and Bob Huggins Endorse WV Democrat for Senate

Saban, West, and WVU basketball coach Bob Huggins threw their support behind West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin in a new ad about coaches who support the senatorial candidate.
Liam Daniel Pierce
supreme court

Joe Manchin says he voted yes on Brett Kavanaugh “based on the facts”

The Democrat is facing a tough re-election fight in a state President Trump won by 40 percentage points.
Zach Wood
Shawna Thomas
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Here’s the couch, marble inlay, and office decor that got West Virginia’s entire Supreme Court impeached

One justice spent $32,000 on a couch.
Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani
Opioid Crisis

The number of babies born to opioid-addicted mothers has skyrocketed in the last 2 decades

It's more than quadrupled.
Carter Sherman

A grandma chained herself inside a Ford Pinto to try to stop a fracked gas pipeline in West Virginia

The 303-mile Mountain Valley Pipeline will transport 2 billion cubic feet of fracked natural gas through West Virginia.
Sarah Sax
Election Hacking

2 days of the most advanced election security training just went down — at a West Virginia Holiday Inn

West Virginia's secretary of state is trying to make his state a nationwide leader in election security preparations.
Alexandra Jaffe