Westboro Baptist Church

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There's a Westboro Baptist Church Movie in the Works

'Hate (A Love Story)' follows the case of Al Snyder, a gay man who took on the hate group after it picketed at his Marine son's funeral.
Lauren Messman

How to Talk to People You Hate About Politics

Have we lost the ability to convince people who don't already agree with us?
Talmon Joseph Smith

Even the Westboro Baptist Church Is Into ‘Pokémon Go,' as its Global Rollout Remains on Hold

Even if God did hate all those people, he's probably a bit too busy to care right now, zeroing in on a Drowzee.
Mike Diver

‘God Loves Uranus’: A Counterprotest of a Westboro Baptist Church NASA Protest

"Some folks say ignore them, but that's no fun."
Jason Koebler
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The Westboro Baptist Church Is Trying to Meme Its Way Out of Gay Marriage

Haters gonna hate and Westboro Baptist Churches gonna Westboro Baptist Church, I suppose.
River Donaghey

People Are Leaving Westboro Baptist Church for the Big Gay House Across the Road

We talked to one of Fred Phelps's granddaughters about why she quit the gay-hating Kansas church to join the rainbow-painted "Planting Peace" community that sits directly opposite WBC headquarters.
Daisy Jones

How the Westboro Baptist Church Might Unwittingly Help the Pro-Marijuana Movement

By becoming the face of homophobia, the WBC inadvertently helped make being anti-gay look terrible. Now that they are protesting pro-pot legislation, could they hurt the anti-marijuana cause?
Josiah Hesse

Songs In The Key Of Hate: The Wesboro Baptist Church's Parody Covers

Westboro Baptist Church have started doing parody versions of "Pumped Up Kicks" and "Rolling In The Deep."
F. Murphy

We Got the Members Of the Westboro Baptist Church to Take Buzzfeed Quizzes

Ever wondered which pop star would be Fred Phelps' granddaughter's best friend?
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

An Interview with Fred Phelps's Son, Nathan

Fred Phelps, the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, died last week after possibly having been excommunicated from the church. His son Nathan, who left the church at the age of 18, hadn't spoken to him since 1995.
Simon Davis

Fred Phelps Just Died – Fuck That Guy

The Westboro founder has gone to live with the big fag-hater in the sky. Pity him for his grim, motiveless anger, but let’s at least remember him as he would have wanted us to: as a psychotic, sadistic life-wrecker and overall bad egg.
Gavin Haynes

The Satanic Temple Weighs In on the Impending Death of the Leader of the Westboro Baptist Church

In celebration of the icy hand of death caressing Fred's gross old body, we reached out to Lucien Greaves, the founder of the Satanic Temple, who last summer performed a "Pink Mass" over the grave of Fred's mother in order to turn her into a lesbian in...
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