Western Australia

dead whales

Rotting Whale Carcasses Are Bringing Risk of Shark Swarms to Australian Coast

The government of Western Australia revealed that a historic number of dead whales littered its beaches this year.
Sarah Emerson
Australia Today

Hackers Broadcasted the Pornhub Homepage in an Australian Mall

The site was displayed on an information screen in Yagan Square.
Maddison Connaughton
Aboriginal Resistance

Western Australia Protests Its Own 'Standing Rock'

Protesters argue the Roe 8 project—a proposed $1.5 billion highway extension—would destroy the environment of a 5,000-year-old sacred site.
Katherine Gillespie
Western Australia

Rare Mole Alert!

Look at this freaking mole.
Sarah Emerson

Inside the Threatened Refugee Camp for Australia's Indigenous People

Since its founding a year ago the camp has endured abuse from the public, criticism from the Premier, and raids by the police. But for Western Australia's homeless and dispossessed there's nowhere else to go.
Kristen Daly and Jeff Tan

Everyone Wants to Get Drunk Off This Avocado Beer

Bush Shack Brewery in Yallingup in Western Australia brewed an avocado-based beer for an Avocado Festival at the Araluen Botanical Park in Perth last month, and the crowd went wild.
Wyatt Marshall

Here's How a 22-Year-Old Yamatji Woman Died in Police Custody

I spent a week sitting in on a coronial inquest for Ms. Dhu, who went into a South Hedland cell and never came out.
Royce Kurmelovs

Perth is Sucking Up Its Groundwater and Sinking Into a Hole

Not as fast as Mexico City, but fast enough for people to be talking about it.
Royce Kurmelovs

An Australian Cafe Is No Longer Accepting Cash Kept in Sweaty Bras

The owner of Fascine Coffee Lounge says the controversial decision not to take money that customers pull out of swimsuits, bras, and undies is a matter of hygiene.
Wendy Syfret

This Cafe Is Banning Customers From Paying with Cash Stored In Their Underpants

“We have had people search for things in their pockets and just put their money back in their mouth until they've found it,” says Robin Weeks, an Australian cafe owner no longer accepting cash from patrons’ underwear.
Phoebe Hurst

Western Australia’s Toughest Prison Is for Women

If you're a female prisoner in Western Australia, you're probably at Bandyup, where low-risk inmates are mixed with inmates who have committed serious crimes. That's just one of the prison's many issues.
Jack Callil

Thousands of Australians Now Use Beer as Currency

Australians are now bartering alcoholic beverages for things like Mercedes sedans, kitchen cabinets, and even services such as job placement. There are reportedly over 400 private Facebook beer-bartering groups active now.
Javier Cabral