What Do You Mean


We Got Extra Geeky with the Guy Who Made That 80s Justin Bieber Remix

You're gonna read two nerds talking about smooth jazz and you're going to like it.
Phil Witmer
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Yay Canada! Justin Bieber Is the First Artist to Hit 10 Billion Views on Vevo

Take that Shania!
Byron Yan
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Watch Kanye Wild Out to Songs From 'TLOP' And Justin Bieber in His Car

Kim and Kanye agree that "What Do You Mean?" is a great song to drive around to
Noisey Canada Staff
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Once Again, Bieber's New Collab with Skrillex Is Pretty Damn Good

But not as good as this acoustic cover with Sonny on guitar.
The Noisey Guide to

What's the Deal with All the Hour-Long Loops of Songs on YouTube?

You may have noticed a new phenomenon on YouTube: People keep making hour-long loops of the same song. What's the point, and which ones are good?
Caitlin Greenwood
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Marvel at the Future of Dance with This Segway Cover of Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean"

There is a dance revolution coming. Will you be ready?
Craig Jenkins
Dan Ozzi
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Chvrches Just Turned Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean?" into an Even Bigger Banger

Bieber + synths = GOAT.
Noisey Staff
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Listen to Justin Bieber Play an Acoustic Version of "What Do You Mean?"

Also watch him skate in a half-pipe pretty successfully.
John Hill
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It's Time To Start Taking Justin Bieber Seriously

Justin Bieber's rise through international hate and personal struggle has been majestic.
Ryan Bassil
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Justin Bieber Explains VMA Tears and Performs Confirmed Slapper "What Do You Mean?" on 'The Tonight Show'

Somebody needs to get a bonus for this PR campaign.
Eric Sundermann
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Watch Justin Bieber's Sexy Ass Official Video for "What Do You Mean?"

Shirtless Bieber, baby!
Noisey Staff
Holy Shit

Justin Bieber Just Released His New Single "What Do You Mean" And It's a Confirmed Slapper

We're not kidding!
Eric Sundermann