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Sean Spicer Is Writing a Book About His 'Turbulent Tenure' with Trump

He said he wants to "set the record straight" about what went down during his six-month stint as the White House press secretary.
Drew Schwartz
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Goodnight Sweet Prince

White House press secretary Sean Spicer has resigned. Say goodbye to a legend.
Eve Peyser

Sean Spicer Nixed Cameras, So a Courtroom Illustrator Offered His Skills

No cameras, no problem.
Beckett Mufson
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Come back, Sean!

Following a shift in the Trump administration's media strategy, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer's briefings to reporters have been held on camera only six times in the past six weeks. We miss you, Sean.
Ben Craw

Sean Spicer REALLY thinks “the president has been clear”

Maybe Sean Spicer believes that if he just repeats this one line enough times the White House press corps will realize they have no legitimate questions and finally leave him in peace.
Ben Craw
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Sean Spicer deflects reporter’s questions by scolding her body language

Gabrielle Bluestone
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Sean Spicer tells woman in Apple Store “such a great country that allows you to be here”

Gabrielle Bluestone

Trump's Press Secretary Has a Longstanding, Mysterious Hatred for Dippin' Dots

We’re starting to want to know why Spicer hates Dippin’ Dots almost as much as we want to see Donald Trump’s tax returns.
Alex Swerdloff
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Video Reportedly Shows Islamic State Beheading of American Journalist Steven Sotloff

The group claims to have beheaded Steven Sotloff in the latest video, which is being circulated to the media by SITE Intelligence Group.
Alice Speri