Vengeful Women Dominated Pop Culture in 2018

In light of #MeToo, many more female protagonists resorted to violence.
Kara Weisenstein
BFI London Film Festival 2018

Steve McQueen's 'Widows' Is a Tale of Grief Told with Tons of Guns

The film's three bereaved leading women pay off the $2 million debt left by their career-criminal husbands while masterfully dealing with race and class along the way.
Ryan Bassil

This Camp for Rohingya Widow Refugees Offers Sanctuary From Sexual Violence

Rohingyas are a Muslim minority from the largely Buddhist country of Myanmar who have been victims of “ethnic cleansing." The 'rari' camp in Bangladesh is a safe haven for young widows and girls who have been hit the hardest in the crisis.
Jennifer Chowdhury
Vice News Tonight

ISIS fighters are leaving behind children no one wants

Seb Walker

Life After Ebola: Pain, Flashbacks, and 'Post-Ebola Syndrome'

We spoke with several former patients experiencing reverberations of the body's battle against the disease, including severe joint and body pain, headaches, and traumatic flashbacks.
Kayla Ruble

Liberia's Ebola Widows Face Grim Future as World's Deadliest Outbreak Subsides

A wave of Ebola infections crippled Liberia's economy. As it wanes a year later, it is clear that women who have lost husbands have been particularly hard hit.
Kayla Ruble

Senegal's Sea Widows Are Well on Their Way to Financial Independence

In the last decade, thousands of young migrants have left Senegal on rickety fishing boats hoping to find work in Europe. Many have died at sea, leaving behind a new class of women: the “sea widows,” as a local newspaper called them.
Maïa de La Baume and Stefania Rousselle