'I'm Driving to Rhode Island in a Toyota Camry That's Held Together with Tape'

VICE.com's most memorable lines from the week of May 15, presented with no context.


Draw Your Own 18th Century Selfie with 'Design a Wig'

The V&A Museum brilliantly uses technology to make wigs that would make Marie Antoinette and Amadeus weep.


We Met the Star of 'Samurai Cop,' One of the Best (and Worst) Action Movies of All Time

Samurai Cop is one of those weird relics of the VHS era—full of unintentionally hilarious dialogue and gratuitous sex scenes, with a cult of devoted fans—and now there's a sequel in development. I met up with the film's star, Matt Hannon, to...


Art Is Just as Powerful as Protest

Getting people to care and want to learn about things that they don't see as directly impacting their lives can be difficult. Which is why I believe that wrapping points and ideas up in pretty or exciting packages is just as valid a tactic as...


Merkin' Around

Photos by Ed Zipco, Styling by Annette Lamothe-Ramos, Merkins by Hilary Olson