good dads that are kinda bad

This Dad Made His Kids Manually Generate Electricity to Power Their Wii

The motors in a rowing machine make a great human-powered generator.
Samantha Cole
Nintendo Switch

The Switch Succeeds on Nintendo's Historic "Toys Over Tech" Approach

The company isn't always good at intuiting the desires of players, but when it does…
Jeremy Parish
Super Mario Galaxy

'Super Mario Galaxy' Was Brilliant, But Motion Controls Ruined It

The Wii was ostensibly designed to be more accessible to more kinds of players. But motion controls don’t work for everyone.
Danielle Riendeau
Mario kart

'Mario Kart Wii' Hacker Discovers Unused Mission Mode After Nearly a Decade

The pieces are all there but for some reason the mode was never finished.
Connor Trinske
Genre Lifestyle

Was Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Really the 2nd Best 'Wii Tennis' Player in the World? An Investigation

We have some questions.
Jess Joho

Replaying the Pretty Synthwave Tunes of the Wii Channels

Nintendo’s mega-successful Wii had some great games, sure—but it’s these channel theme tunes that really stir up the nostalgia.
Kyle MacNeill

Upgrade Your Bulky Wii Remote into a Comfortable SNES Controller

Because Nintendo doesn’t understand it achieved perfection in 1990.
Matthew Gault

The 'Leaked' NX Controller Is Just the Latest Viral Nintendo Fan Hoax

Sometimes fake Nintendo hardware is better than the real thing.
Heidi Kemps
short circuit

Nintendo’s New President Promises the NX Console Won’t Be Another Wii U

Tatsumi Kimishima says the NX will be something “unique and different.”
Rachel Pick
VICE vs Video games

The VICE Gaming Guide to Video Game Drinking Games

Turn on, sign in, get pissed. You know it makes sense, at least before the morning after.
Sean Cleaver
VICE vs Video games

What Your Video Game Console Says About Your Porn Habits

YouPorn's traffic stats reveal PlayStation users prefer MILF clips.
Mike Diver
VICE vs Video games

Everything I Learned from a Lifetime of Super Mario

Looking back at 30 years of lessons imparted by a high-jumping plumber and his dinosaur friends.
Brad Barrett