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So Many Idiots Believe Chris Long's 2-Year-Old is On Twitter

The Philadelphia Eagles defensive end said that his two-year-old son became upset after *reading* a quote from Chris's brother Kyle, a guard for Chicago Bears, *on Twitter.*
Liam Daniel Pierce

Yankees Fan and A's Fan He Threw Beer at Are Friends Now

The New York Yankees fan made up for his dick move to the Oakland A's fan by giving him drinks the proper way—on a night out in Brooklyn.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Yankees Fans Are Dicks Again

From throwing beers to taking rude selfies, Yankees fans didn't handle their blowout Wild Card victory with an ounce of sportsmanship.
Liam Daniel Pierce
bills mafia

Bills Twitter Account Claps Back at Jaguars About Stadium Attendance

Don't rub the Bills Mafia the wrong way right now.
Liam Daniel Pierce
DM Sliding

Chicago Comedian Wants Mia Khalifa to Out More Cubs for Sliding into Her DMs

Not long ago, Khalifa outed Wilson Contreras for sliding into her DMs. Roy Wood Jr. Wants her to out more because the Cubs have been streaking ever since.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Face Tat

Archie Bradley Says Fan "Better" Get Tattoo of His Face

After a fan said he'd get a tattoo of Bradley's face in exchange for a run, the Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher hit a scorching triple and drove in two runs. So, two tats?
Liam Daniel Pierce
wild card

Inside the Secret World of Circle Jerks on Xbox 360's 'Uno'

There's a whole meta game to jerking off you don't know about.
Sidd Wright

Boat Parties and Blowouts: ​Dumb Football Wild Card Weekend With Mike Tunison

Predictably, Odell Beckham's trip to Miami has become a focal point following the Giants' loss to the Packers. So dumb.
Mike Tunison

Paul Richardson Conjures a Bonkers One-Handed Catch With Some Touchdown Wizardry

He made some catch magic happen. He's like a catch wizard out there.
Liam Daniel Pierce

It's Time for the NHL to Rethink Its Playoff Format

The NHL's convoluted playoff wild card set up manages to both emphasize and de-emphasize divisional matchups.
Dave Lozo
madison bumgarner

Madison Bumgarner Is Inevitable

San Francisco Giants ace Madison Bumgarner out-dueled the New York Mets' Noah Syndergaard last night, and the game never looked in doubt.
Robert O'Connell
Ken Pagan

Beer-Tossing Blue Jays Fan Identified as Local Journalist Ken Pagan

Those who know him described him as a"responsible editor...and as an athlete who loves baseball and 'respects the rules of the game.'”
Sean Newell