wildlife crime


30 Tons of Pangolin Parts Seized in Historic Trafficking Bust

Malaysian authorities found two warehouses full of the most trafficked mammal in the world.


DNA Forensics Is Helping Authorities to Catch Elephant Ivory Cartels

Scientists have created a novel DNA mapping tool that has exposed the secretive web of ivory trafficking in Africa.


Facebook Is a Black Market For Vietnam’s Wildlife Traffickers

A year-long investigation revealed that Facebook has unwillingly become a safe haven for wildlife smugglers.


Brutal Blood Sports Are on the Rise in the UK

Gruesome so-called sports involving badgers and hares being ripped apart by dogs are surging in the UK at the same time the national police unit charged with tackling wildlife crime faces closure.


The World's Most Endangered Marine Mammal Might Have Just Got a Lifeline

New agreements show increased attention to the plight of the vaquita, but environmental organisations warn that the effort needs to be international.


China's Tiger Farms Are Driving Illegal Trade in Pelts and Tiger Bone Wine

Just when greater protection of endangered species is needed, say conservationists, China is potentially rolling back its prohibition on products made from tigers.


Bear Bile, Seahorses, and Tortoise Jelly: The UK Had a Record Year for Wildlife Busts

Among the confiscated products were health and beauty supplements from the US.


The US Is Tackling the Wildlife Trade Like the Drug War

The US is making strides this week to fight against wildlife crime.