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30 Tons of Pangolin Parts Seized in Historic Trafficking Bust

Malaysian authorities found two warehouses full of the most trafficked mammal in the world.


Traffickers Are Using Instagram and YouTube as Black Markets for Live Cheetahs

A new report identified more than 900 advertisements for poached cheetahs on social media.


85 Dead Songbirds in a Suitcase Show Why Animal Trafficking Is a Major Issue

This is just a snapshot of the wider problem.


Facebook Is a Black Market For Vietnam’s Wildlife Traffickers

A year-long investigation revealed that Facebook has unwillingly become a safe haven for wildlife smugglers.


Pangolins, the World’s Most-Trafficked Mammal, Are Now One of the Most Protected

"The world is standing up for the little guy.”


Suspected Slaughterhouse Near Tiger Temple Discovered By Thai Authorities

Days after the bodies of 40 tiger cubs were discovered at Tiger Temple, authorities think they have found the site where tigers were slaughtered and dismembered.


40 Tiger Cub Carcasses Found in Freezer During Raid at Infamous Thailand Temple

Thai authorities found 40 tiger cub carcasses in a freezer at a Buddhist temple that is being investigated for suspected links to wildlife trafficking and abuse.


The Famous Tigers of Tinder Have Been Saved from Their Drugged-Up Hell

The tigers made famous in "Tinder selfies" trend may soon have their freedom.


In Photos: The Largest Burning of Ivory in History

VICE News witnessed the torching 105 tons of ivory worth an estimated $105 million over the weekend in a bid to highlight the impact of poaching.


Do Auctions Have a Poached Ivory Problem?

An antiques dealer pleading guilty to trafficking poached wildlife has reignited a debate.


Why Aren’t Illegal Wildlife Traders Using the Dark Web?

Unlike those who trade in narcotics, wildlife trackers are sticking to surface sites like Craigslist.


Here's What You Can Buy to Celebrate New Year in Vietnam: Bear Paw, Pangolin, and Snake Wine

As the Tet holiday gets underway, the country's wealthy and growing middle class are consuming products made from endangered species, despite a ban and stricter law enforcement.