Willis Earl Beal


"What If I Died" Dives Into the Highs and Lows of Willis Earl Beal's "DIE"

The short film, directed by Dan Buyanovsky, works off of a disconcerting song from Beal's latest album, 'ALMS.'


What Ever Happened to Willis Earl Beal?

After his promising career evaporated four years ago, the songwriter disappeared. Inside an 18-month long, transatlantic journey chasing down a musician-in-exile.


Lost and Unwanted: How a Disastrous Record Deal Can Fuck with Your Mental Health

Like so many musicians, Willis Earl Beal and Clare Maguire both signed life-changing recording contracts, but neither were prepared for quite how life-changing they would be.


PREMIERE: Stream Willis Earl Beal's "Survive," and Stop Sleeping on Willis Earl Beal

The track comes from the singer-songwriter's upcoming record 'Noctunes' out on August 28.


Willis Earl Beal Is Always Acting

We talked to the singer-songwriter about starring in a new film called 'Memphis,' and stream a new track from the soundtrack.


Willis Earl Beal Is Not Real

This despairingly beautiful soul is no longer homeless, but still doesn’t know anything—and either do you.