wind power


Decentralized Microgridding Can Provide 90% of a Neighborhood's Energy Needs, Study Finds

"The new approach could even pave the way for 100 percent self-sufficiency in power, heat, and water."


Wind and Solar Farms Could Make it Rain Regularly in the Sahara Desert

Climate models reveal that renewable energy projects in the Sahara could spark a twofold increase in local rainfall, enabling vegetation to take hold.


The shipping industry may finally be turning to wind power

The shipping industry may finally be turning to wind power


Can Clean Energy Solve Cryptocurrencies’ Energy Problem?

Julian Oliver’s wind-powered mining rig literally pulls money from thin air.


Raid Your Junk Drawer to Make a Wind-Powered Phone Charger

Not fast-charging compatible.


Massachusetts Bill Wants 100 Percent Renewable Energy By 2035

This might be a message to the president.


This Boat Will Run for Six Years on Nothing But Wind, Water and Hydrogen

The vessel is a converted multi-hull race boat powered by solar panels, wind turbines, and a hydrogen fuel cell system.


Ecological Impact Assessments Aren't Protecting Bats from Wind Farms

Loads of time and money goes into assessing wind farm impacts, little goes into seeing if those predictions were correct.


Engineers Devise a Way to Harvest Wind Energy from Trees

It's not much power, but it may be enough to matter.


There's a Wind Turbine on the Horizon with Blades the Size of Trump Tower

A program funded by ARPA-E has announced plans to test a 650-foot wind turbine blade concept.