How to Learn the Rules of Winemaking and Then Break Them

"Being a woman, a person of color, and queer, I am proud to be diversifying this industry," says Krista Scruggs.


How ‘Wine Terrorists’ Flooded a French Town with Red Wine

In the past, CRAV has been suspected of destroying vines in the Languedoc, lighting the offices of one of France’s biggest winemakers on fire, plotting to disrupt the tour de France, and destroying thousands of liters of Spanish wine.


Napa's Most Famous Winemaker Rides a Helicopter to Work

Heidi Barrett, a winemaker at over half a dozen different wineries in the Napa Valley, is the woman behind some of California's best cult wines.


Climate Change Might Be Good For Quebec Winemakers

Climatologists are predicting that as temperatures rise across the globe, Quebe could eventually accommodate Vitis vinifera—king of grapes—whose progeny include European classics like pinot noir, chardonnay, and cabernet.