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This Vape Store Robbery Footage Is 2019’s Best Comedy Film

When you hear the term "vape store robbery," it's safe to assume we’re not dealing with high-level crooks.
Mack Lamoureux
New music

Begonia Kills Toxic Relationships in 'Out Of My Head' Live Performance

The Winnipeg singer’s Audiotree North live session is emotionally intense.
Devin Pacholik

Canadians Are Obsessed with Cold-Shaming Because It's All We Have

It's like the weather version of a dick-measuring contest, and Americans are an easy target.
Manisha Krishnan

A Bodega Owner Tried to Get a Customer to Murder His Business Partner

The customer said that he didn't even know the name of the man asking him to kill.
Mack Lamoureux

We Asked Tattoo Artists About the Weirdest Pop-Culture Ink They've Done

"There was this one woman who was obsessed with Enrique Iglesias... so she came and got his signature tattooed across her arm."
Ebony-Renee Baker
State of Surveillance

It’s Not Chill At All That Canadian Police Misled the Public For Years About Stingrays

And they need to answer for it.
Jordan Pearson
thump exclusive stream

Hot Sugar Puts a Nightmarish Twist on AudioOpera's "Forever" with New Remix

The associative music producer takes on a highlight from the Canadian artist's 2016 EP, 'Flying From The River.'
Corinne Przybyslawski

Canada's Largest 'Urban Reservation' Fights Back

On a new episode of our VICELAND series 'RISE,' we meet the indigenous residents of Winnipeg as they battle the effects of years of oppression.
VICE Staff
Indigenous issues

The Community Groups Working Toward Change in Canada’s Largest 'Urban Reservation'

How 14 grassroots organizations in Winnipeg's North End plan to reduce the area's high rates of violence.
Julien Gignac
Make this

Pimp Your Wings with Adobo Sauce

When our Canadian hero Matty Matheson was in Winnipeg, he got a crash course in Filipino cooking from Pimp My Rice food truck owner Roddy Seradilla and his dad, “Hot” Rod. Here is one of the standouts.
Munchies Staff

Joanne Pollock's "River Flood" Video Captures the Lonely Magic of Prairie Winters

Never forget that Winnipeg can get colder than Mars.
Matt Williams
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AudioOpera Explores Real World Relationships in the Digital Age with New EP 'Flying From The River'

Read a Q&A with the Winnipeg associative music producer and stream his latest release on Hot Sugar's Noise Collector.
Max Mertens