witch week


Feed Your Spirit (and Sex Life) with Recipes from a Kitchen Witch

For Valentine's Day, kitchen witch Dawn Hunt shares two recipes that will get your (and your intended's) motor running.


The Care and Keeping of Crystals

Stressed, lonely, or psychically blocked? Here's how to curate your personal crystal collection.


How to Conjure Your Crush

Set your intentions, add magic, and get yourself a new intended


Practical Magic: How to Recover from a Breakup Using Spellcraft

When therapy fails, you can always turn to magic to cure a broken heart.


What Happens After We Die?

After talking to some dead people, I have theories about what happens after we croak.


Charting the Rise of the 'Sexy' Halloween Costume

From outrageous parties in Greenwich Village in the 70s to "Sexy Pizza Rat," the slutty Halloween costume has come a long way, baby.


The Time When You're Most Likely to See Your Doppelgänger

If you run into your twin on Halloween, it doesn't necessarily mean you're going to die. But it may say something about your health.


Why You Scare More Easily Than Your Friends

If you're always the one shrieking in fear during a TV rerun of 'Scream,' science could tell you why—and how to change it.


The Forgotten Egyptologist and First Wave Feminist Who Invented Wicca

Margaret Murray discovered the existence of covens and witches' sabbaths in 1921. There was one problem: She was wrong.


How to Cast Spells Using Emoji

Instead of subtweeting your ex, why not cast an emoji unbinding spell instead?


The Women Making a Living in the Death Industry

More and more young women are entering death-related fields of work. We talked to a female hospice worker, a medical museum curator, and two funeral planners to find out why.


Hacking Away at Our Ongoing Obsession With Lizzie Borden

One hundred and twenty-three years after Lizzie Borden was accused of giving her mother and father 40 and 41 whacks, respectively, we still can't stop talking about what really happened that night.