A Drunk and Disorderly Call Led Cops to Potential 'Weapon of Mass Destruction'

Police found explosive chemicals, bottled urine, and a lunchbox bomb at a Florida home.


Why North Korea's Space Program Is Like a PlayStation 4

Last month, North Korea launched a satellite. The regime claimed it was for peaceful purposes, but the UN slapped them with sanctions anyway. So who's full of it?


Our Man in Iraq: Ahmed Chalabi, Advocate of Iraq Invasion, Dies at 71

The Iraqi politician's opposition group supplied faulty intelligence about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction program that were a key part of the Bush administration’s case for the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.


Saudi Arabia Has Been Going on a Nuclear Shopping Spree

France and Saudi Arabia just inked an arms deal worth several billion dollars, the latest in a string of Saudi purchases that involve nuclear technology.


The CIA Just Declassified the Document That Supposedly Justified the Iraq Invasion

The National Intelligence Assessment was the classified document used to justify the invasion of Iraq. Newly declassified, it tells a much different story than the Bush administration told 12 years ago.


Bibi Goes to Washington: AIPAC, Iran, and Nukes

This year’s AIPAC conference turned into a kind of a Christmas Eve for DC's many pundits, politicos, and policy wonks, bringing weeks of drama to an almost unendurable pitch of anticipation.


'I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours': Russia Spies on the US from the Skies

The international Treaty on Open Skies permits signatory nations to carry out reconnaissance overflights of other signatories without interference, though terms and conditions apply.


The Islamic State May Be Using Saddam's Chemical Weapons Against the Kurds

Photos of dead Kurdish fighters in Kobane suggest that they were exposed to chemical agents — and have touched off a renewed debate about WMD in Iraq.


Korean Thunderdome: A Four-Part Look at the Future of Korea

North Korea and South Korea have been staring each other down for nearly 70 years. What happens when one of them finally blinks?


The All-American Life and Death of Eric Harroun

He was labeled the 'American Jihadi' for his actions in Syria, but Eric Harroun just wanted to fight for freedom — and his right to party.


Trickle-Down Nuclear Armageddon

Why the threat of a traffic accident in Pakistan terrifies US intelligence officials — and has led to a more robust Indian nuclear program.