This Pretend Billionaire Threw Insane Parties for Celebs and then Vanished

From hosting champagne-drenched ragers on the French Riviera to helping arrange funding for the 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' Jho Low seemed to have it all—until his world started falling apart.
Seth Ferranti

Judge Orders Leonardo DiCaprio to Testify in 'Wolf of Wall Street' Wig Scandal

A man named Andrew Greene claims the 2013 movie used his likeness without permission and made fun of his toupee. Why is wig-wearing for men such a fraught enterprise?
Gabby Bess

The ‘Wolf of Montreal’ Fugitive Was Building a $9-Million Mansion Based on Iron Man’s House

Admittedly, owning a mega mansion is kind of a moot point when you're on the run.
Manisha Krishnan
the real

The Real 'Wolf of Wall Street'?

In the mid 1990s, Leonardo DiCaprio was the king of the world. He was also friends with Dana Giacchetto, a former investment banker who went to jail for misappropriating $9 million.
VICE Staff
Almost Art... With Brandon Soderberg

YMCMB's Video for "We Alright" Takes on 'The Wolf of Wall Street'

Completing the circle by making a rap video based on 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' a movie that shows business fuckheads acting like bigger assholes than similarly-ballin' rappers.
Brandon Soderberg
A Few Impressions

The Wolves of Hollywood

Marty and Leo wanted to work together again, of course; they have a great track record stretching back to <i>Gangs of New York</i>. By the time the duo got to <i>Wolf</i> I’m sure they were as in sync as the ATL Twins as far as how they worked and the...
James Franco