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6 Women Candidates Who Could Change the Face of Politics Tonight

In the political "Year of the Woman," more women are on the ballot in today's midterm elections than ever before in United States history. Keep an eye on these six candidates whose pivotal races will shape America's future.


These are the woman vs. woman races you need to watch

At least 33 women will lose this election day — because they’re running against other women.


Women Candidates Are Aligning to Turn Georgia Blue

Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is campaigning alongside Lucy McBath in Georgia's 6th congressional district, Carolyn Bourdeaux in Georgia's 7th, and other women running down ballot to drive Democratic turnout across the state.


What Happens When Women Lose Elections in the 'Year of the Woman'

When a record number of women are running for office, they can't all win. But even those who lose will have left a permanent mark on our political system.


What's Next for the Democratic Socialists of America?

In elections, DSA is familiar with the question: "What happens if we lose?" Now its members are trying to answer a very different one: "What happens when we win?"


The Making of 'She's Running,' VICE News' Series on Women Candidates in 2018

Broadly spoke to the producers behind "She's Running" about the challenges of capturing what it's like to run as a woman in 2018.


How Women Candidates Navigate Sexism and Racism in Their Campaigns

Twenty-one-year-old Morgan Zegers, candidate for the 113th New York State Assembly District,​ says women who've previously run for office tell her not to wear pink and to use big words to sound smart.


Women Are Running for Office for Reasons Beyond Trump

In the first episode of VICE News's She's Running series, women candidates like Pearl Kim demonstrate how they're running on platforms that go beyond resisting Trump.


5 Women to Watch in Tuesday's Primary Elections

Eight states are holding primary elections tonight. Candidates like Deb Haaland and Tanzie Youngblood could stand to make history.


Texas midterms were absolute chaos. Here's what comes next.

The series of competitive elections could determine whether Republicans or Democrats control Congress next year.