women of color

double dutch

Double Dutch Is Back and It Is Breathtaking

For the first time in more than three decades, double dutch has returned to New York City's Lincoln Center to celebrate women of color and expose a new generation to the art of turning ropes.
Erica Euse
body painting

Women of Color Examine Assimilation Through Body Painting

Ashleigh Alexandria paints her models to blend in and stand out in urban spaces.
Francesca Capossela

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Videos Spotlight Women of Color

Rad female filmmakers are behind the new interactive web series 'Downtown Browns.'
Kara Weisenstein

Powerful Portraits Spotlight Black and Brown Women of New York

Tim Okamura thinks storytelling is inherent to portraiture—so his paintings tell the stories that too often go untold.
Gabrielle Bruney

Juliana Huxtable Made a Mix for Feminist Techno Collective Discwoman's One-Year Anniversary

The trans icon's selection of club tracks emphasize what Discwoman is all about: female authorship.
Michelle Lhooq

Revisiting Michele Wallace's Essential Black Feminist Text 'Black Macho'

We talked to the influential critic about 'Black Macho,' how the black patriarchy has been ignoring black women since the civil rights movement, and why young black feminists give her hope.
Gabby Bess

Black Women Have to Put Up with Bullshit Beauty Standards

We spoke to Natalie Bullock Brown, who's creating a documentary that dissects the messages black women receive about beauty.
Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff

'Tangerine' Was Shot on an iPhone, But Director Sean Baker Still Pines for Celluloid

We spoke to Sean Baker, the director behind this year's breakout Sundance film, about depicting the world of two trans women of color as a white, male director.
Rod Bastanmehr

Fear, Paranoia, and Relief: Dealing with the Police as a Woman of Color

I'm a small Asian-American woman who's been treated like a "suspicious person" more times than I can count, and it's left me with unshakable paranoia around cops.
Paula Lee