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4 days ago

More People Are Starting to Prefer Managing Their Abortions on Their Own

And it's not just because of restrictive state laws.


Letters from Women Pleading for Abortion, Sent in 1917, Mirror Emails Sent Today

In the early 1900s, desperate American women wrote letters to the founder of Planned Parenthood begging for help with unwanted pregnancies. A century later, they're sending eerily similar messages to an international abortion-by-mail service.


We Spoke to the Woman Performing Abortions on International Waters

Rebecca Gomperts has been behind several initiatives that use legal loopholes to be able to perform abortions where they're illegal.


We Talked to the Activist Sending Illegal Abortion Pills to Women With Zika

Yesterday, the WHO declared Zika a global emergency—but, despite the fact that it's linked to serious birth defects in babies, women in affected areas still can't get safe abortions. Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, who runs an abortion-by-mail service, hopes to...


'I'm in Trouble': The Women Boarding Ireland's Illegal Abortion Bus

VICE News spent two days traveling Ireland with a group of pro-choice activists determined to help women obtain abortions — even though it meant risking 14 years in prison.


The Holy War on Irish Wombs

Thousands of scared Irish women without options fly to England every year to get an abortion, largely thanks to the Irish Catholic Church’s war on reproductive rights. But things are changing. For women across the country, shame and intimidation are no...