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The Groundbreaking Black Singer Whose Voice Inspired Martin Luther King Jr.

The extraordinary life of American music and civil rights icon Marian Anderson, who will soon appear on the $5 bill, told in five historic concerts.
Chloe Kent

The Black Woman Who Biked Across the US Alone During the 1930s Jim Crow Era

Despite pervasive racism and the weight of the Great Depression, Bessie Stringfield found freedom on the open road.
Giselle Defares
women’s history

The Black Feminist Who Argued for Intersectionality Before the Term Existed

In the late 1800's, scholar Anna Julia Cooper was already calling attention to the fact that Black women face a unique set of struggles due to overlapping racism and sexism.
Naomi Extra
women’s history

The Radical Poetry of Audre Lorde's Confidante, Pat Parker

The work of the Black lesbian poet and Black Panther is a salve for times like these.
Dianca Potts

The 21-Year-Old Sentenced to Death for Speaking Out Against the Nazis

As the only woman co-founder of the legendary White Rose resistance group, Sophie Scholl spread anti-Nazi propaganda across Germany at the height of the Holocaust.
Christobel Hastings
women’s history

The Woman Whose 1940s Comics Starred Chic, Socially Aware Black Women

Jackie Ormes, creator of the beloved character Torchy Brown, was the first Black woman to have a syndicated comic strip in a US newspaper.
Lissa Townsend Rodgers

The Legacy of Mae Jemison, the First Black Woman to Travel Space

Breaking through glass ceilings and also earth's atmosphere.
Alexis Williams
feminist art

'SHE INSPIRES' at a Massive Exhibition That Pays Homage to Important Women

The Untitled Space hosts a group show that pays tribute to women in history whose accomplishments are often overlooked by mainstream historical narratives.
Abby Ronner

Meet the Women Fighting for America's First Women's History Museum

'Bout time! Only 8% of historic landmarks in Washington, DC explicitly honor women.
Josie Thaddeus-Johns

Hillary's Nomination Is Unsurprising, but That Doesn't Make It Any Less Historic

Because Clinton has been in the political spotlight for decades, it's easy to overlook the historical magnitude of her nomination.
Kimberly Lawson