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'United, Beautiful, Powerful Women Coming Together': Photos of the Women's Rally

We talked to the women who left work and took to the streets for "A Day Without Women."
Brandon John

Why a Women’s Strike in the Music Industry Is Much Gutsier Than it Seems

An interview with publicist and business owner Judy Miller Silverman about women in the music industry and her decision to go on strike.
Rachel Kraus
international women's day

A World Without Women: A Dumpster Fire

The Broadly staff is on strike today, but we're still leaving you with this extremely subtle visual metaphor.
Lindsay Schrupp
international women's day

'Be Mad As Hell and Work Toward Something': 10 Activists on Fighting for Justice

Wisdom from some of the amazing women we've profiled and interviewed in honor of today's Women's Strike.
Broadly Staff

Women Around the World Explain Why They're Striking

This year, International Women's Day will be celebrated with a mass global strike designed to advance "feminism for the 99 percent." We spoke to organizers in Europe, North and South America, and Asia about what the collective resistance movement means...
Linda Yang

'Feminism for the 99 Percent': Lessons for the Women's Strike on March 8

On Monday, a group of feminist activists and academics penned an op-ed calling for a global women's strike on March 8, International Women's Day. We talked to one of the organizers behind Argentina's recent strike to protest gender-based violence about...
Kimberly Lawson
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Women Strike in Argentina After the Brutal Rape and Murder of a 16-Year-Old Girl

Argentina has seen 226 femicides in 2016, with 19 in just October alone. Following the news of Lucia Perez's murder, women gather to protest the ongoing violence against women in the country.
Kimberly Lawson