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The U.S. Women's Soccer Team Is Literal Goals

As they head into the Women's World Cup final on Sunday, we bow to the powerhouses who have brought us national pride.
Alex Zaragoza

Striking Photos from the Women's World Cup Highlight Its Undersung Heroes

We sent photographers to capture the underdog teams from this year's tournament.
Jessica Pettway and Samantha Cabrera Friend

With Historic Losses at SheBelieves Cup, USWNT on the Hunt for Answers

The 2017 SheBelieves Cup, and the USWNT's last-place finish there, served as a wakeup call for anyone who still thinks of America as the lone superpower in the world of women's soccer.
Howard Megdal

Portia Modise Is Impossible

In her playing career, South Africa's Portia Modise scored more international goals than Messi or Ronaldo. If she were a man, she'd have the world at her feet. Instead, she's fought sexism and homophobia at every turn.
Sihle Mthembu

U.S. Soccer has Sued the Women's National Team

This escalated quickly.
Sean Newell

The National Women's Soccer League Isn't Going Anywhere. Now What?

The NWSL has already gotten further than any American women's soccer league has. The next step—growing into an institution—is the most important one.
Howard Megdal
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Reel Talk: Corbin Smith's 2015 Sports Highlight Year in Review

A great many good things happened in the world of sports in 2015. Many of them were immortalized as highlights. Only ten of them deserved to be included here.
Corbin Smith

Republican Senator Votes Against Equal Pay for Female Athletes Just to Prove a Petty Point

It was just supposed to be symbolic, but no. Congress can't even handle that.
Liam Daniel Pierce
The Greatest

Abby Wambach Leaves Soccer, Enters Pantheon of All-Time Greats

Wambach will leave the game a legend, a warrior for the sport of soccer and for female athletes, a frustrating and flawed FIFA Ballon d'Or winner.
Meg Linehan
Video Games

Fifteen Years Before Women Appeared On FIFA ’16, There Was Mia Hamm Soccer 64

In FIFA 16, the best-selling EA Sports franchise features female players for the first time, but it's not the first women’s soccer video game to hit the market.
Liam Daniel Pierce
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Lauren Holiday Is Quitting Soccer Because She Never Really Had a Choice

Why is one of the best women's soccer players of her generation leaving the sport in her prime? Lauren Holiday has her reasons, but the economics of the game didn't help.
Howard Megdal

Victory at Home: Crystal Dunn's Breakout Summer

She may have been left off the U.S. roster for the Women's World Cup this summer, but Crystal Dunn is having a star-making season in the National Women's Soccer League.
Meg Linehan